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September 2019
Great service as usual - Verified Customer
Efficient, accurate, and friendly personnel

September 2019
Personable and Accommodating - Mary C
Comfortable waiting room. Good service

September 2019
Service Satisfaction -Verified Customer
they have the customer's needs as a priority

9/23/19 Marion Macpherson

customer service is excellent especially in the service department!

9/12/19 Sandra Ferreira Duphily

Absolute best car buying experience in 35 years of buying cars. No pressure sales - price was competitive -
Traded in my car and drove off with a new one in less than 2 hours - test drive to paperwork complete.

Rohan - absolutely awesome to work with.

5 Stars - Blake Haas
Great out of state purchase experience! I was in the market for a Hyundai Kona Electric which is not sold in Minnesota. I hit up many dealers and a lot of them literally told me to not waste their time. Greg Slater of Newport Hyundai answered my inquiry immediately with no sales tactics, no "lets get you in for a test drive even though you're 1000 miles away" mumbo jumbo. He gave me an out the door figure and let me think about it on my own without a bunch of follow up emails or asking for my number. The offer was competitive with a few other dealers but the communication with Greg was miles above the others so I went with his offer. The whole process was pretty much painless. If you're looking for a car out of state, this is a great experience.

September 2019
 "35 years of car buying absolute best experience " - BuyfromNewportHyundai
I went to Empire Hyundai to purchase a car - absolute sleezy car salesman - attitude everyone lies. I looked online and saw a car I wanted to buy at Newport Hyundai - I called and asked about the price online and is it the real price after my experience at Empire. The salesman said here is my name and I stand-by the price. I said I would be there at 530 to drive the car. When I got there the car was outfront - ready for me. Rohan had the keys in hand met me at the door and off I went. I drove the car. I traded in mine and drove the new car home in less than 2.5 hours. Absolute best experience ever. While I was there I experienced - Rohan, Sandy and Dave - how they treated the customers. Rohan - was an absolute pleasure to deal with.

September 2019
"Just Great" - Happy Camper
He was a nice ,calm, friendly person. Very knowledgeable. First time in my life I felt relaxed during a test drive. Loved the Kona we purchased. All the service and warranties make this dealer a no brainer. Happy Camper🤗

August, 2019
Excellent service - Jani W.
I am always greeted with a smile, everyone there is friendly, and everything is explained to me in ways I understand. I have recommended Hyundai of Newport to quite a few people, one of whom bought a car there!

August, 2019
Always The Best - Brendan M.
It goes unsaid, every visit, best customer service, no inflated prices, timely work accomplishment, and friendly staff. Highly recommended!

August, 2019
Service was outstanding - Michelle L.
Not only did my oil change go well but they also found other stuff needed too...thanks for that...

August, 2019
Fine service - George S.
All went quickly and as requested. Staff were professional and courteous and the car is maintained as wished.

August 2019 (5 Stars) - Chris (Local Guide)
Service department is highly knowledgeable and very accommodating.

July, 2019
Great service, Fair prices - William G.
Service is not only quick but inexpensive. Plus Full Service drop off and pick up service with a loaner car....I feel like I bought a Mercedes Benz but I only paid for a Hyundai!

July, 2019
Excellent Service - Verified Customer
I made an appointment for a tire rotation and oil change on a Saturday morning. The service department was pleasant to deal with and they had my car in and out in no time.

July, 2019
Service Department - Victoria C.
I have had 3 Hyundais over the years, the Santa Fe Limited my current ride. The Service team keep my car in great shape and I love that the car is washed each time. I put a lot of miles on my cars and make sure they are properly maintained. Therefore they last a long time and a lot of this is due to the trained mechanics in the bays.

June, 2019
The employees - Verified Customer
The cars speak for themselves but the employees either make it or break it. Hyundai of Newport has some great Employees. Normally will seek out the assistance of JR in service as he has always been there to answer questions or take care of the problems, and always most pleasant, informative, willingness to assist or get the answers, a great asset to you.

June, 2019
Every one is very friendly and professional attending to your needs. - Bradford S.
We have bought four cars from this dealership and have our cars serviced there also.

June 2019 (5 Stars)
Sandy is incredibly nice and helpful. It doesn't take long to get a car either which is the best part. Nice and easy. Thank you!

May 2019
Great Service - Peggy R.
They always fit us in for service when we need it. Great staff, always feel safe that the work is done properly.

May 2019
Excellent Service - Stacey M.
Hyundai of Newport is highly professional, helpful and well managed. This is a first class operation.

  May 2019 (5 Stars)
J. Zerbus
My expectations for vehicle pricing were immediately met...the people of Newport Hyundai and the vehicle itself just turned into one bonus after another. Do not be afraid to call, stop by or see these folks!

April 2019
Treated like a queen - Alan R.
The service people find a way to fit us in for service. They explain everything clearly. The repaires or general maintenance are completed on time and for a reasonable price. We can count on them.

April 2019
Always great service - Jani W.
Have had nothing but good experiences with Hyundai of Newport. This is my third Hyundai. I always recommend them.

April 2019
Staff are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient - JC
Visiting this dealership is always a pleasant experience. Everything is explained and I never feel like I am being talked into anything that is not necessary either for a test or a repair. As a result, I feel that I am driving a car that will give me a safe ride.

Domenic D.
Highly recommend this dealership for both new and preowned cars. I have known Jon, the manager for over 10 years. Just purchased another car from him. My friends have purchased many cars from him as well and we keep going back. Repeated returning customers, that say it all. I always look here for both new and used cars. He always has an eclectic mix of quality preowned cars.  I recommend this dealership without any reservations no need to go anywhere else!! Worth the drive.

3/22/2019 (5 Stars)
Eduardo J Lopez Morin
Lovely place. They really will try to solve your issues and do the selling job. By this I mean they will work all the paperwork, fixes and anything that you need to do the sales, giving me a nice buying experience. TOTALLY Recommend :)

3/3/2019 (5 Stars)

"Amazing service, amazing car!!!!"

 - alyssalewis

I went to get a lease from Hyundai of Newport, and got a 2019 Hyundai Elantra. It is the most amazing car I have had, and we had amazing service! Sandy helped us out with everything we needed, and found the perfect car for me! He got me a great deal, and made sure I knew everything about the car before I drove it away. I'm so happy, and had a excellent experience with Sandy, and this dealership!

2/18/2019 (5 Stars)

"Excellent Overall Experience"

 - NVS

In February 2019, I purchased a 2019 Hyundai Sonata Limited from Hyundai of Newport and was very pleased with the entire experience. It all started in January when I contacted the dealership by email with my car of interest and the internet sales manager, Greg Slater, responded almost immediately. He assigned Sandy Spanos to help me and I made an appointment to drive a Hyundai Sonata with a 2.4L engine. I found Sandy to be a very friendly guy who went out of his way to make me feel welcome. I told him at the outset that I was starting my search for a new car and that the Hyundai Sonata was one of the cars that I was considering. I also told him that I wouldn't be purchasing a car that day since I was merely on a fact-finding mission. The dealership did not have a Sonata Limited in stock with the option package that I wanted so I drove the SEL trim to test the 2.4L engine and 6-speed transmission. Sandy told me that they could locate a Sonata Limited with the Ultimate Tech package for me from another dealership if we got to that point. We went for a test drive and I told him that I liked the way it handled and performed. Before signing on the dotted line, however, I told him that I would like to take my wife in so that she could test drive it as well. He understood completely and told me to bring my wife in any time. There was absolutely no pressure to buy. A week later, my wife accompanied me to the dealership and we both drove a similar car and both of us liked it. Again, there was no pressure to buy. I contacted Sandy in early February and told him that I was ready to buy a 2019 Hyundai Sonata Limited with Ultimate Tech Package. We negotiated the deal (purchase and trade-in) on a Friday afternoon and on the following Monday, Sandy called me with the news that he had located the car that I wanted from another dealership and it was sitting at Hyundai of Newport. Two days later, I picked up the car. Sandy spent quite a bit of time with me going over every aspect of the car from bumper to bumper. He is a true professional and to me, not just a car salesman, but a new friend. I also want to give kudos to Leah Townsend who took care of all of the documentation associated with the deal. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional to work with. All-in-all, it was a very pleasant experience and I would recommend this dealership, and especially Sandy and Leah, to anyone interested in purchasing a Hyundai.

2/15/2019 (5 Stars)
"Purchase made easy!" - Skaneri
Recently purchased a used Santa Fe from Hyundai Newport I dealt with Sandy Spanos who is very knowledgeable about the product, allowed me plenty of time to try several vehicles, and was very patient with me and my family. The specific vehicle I went to look for had already been sold the previous day. But Sandy found a comparable vehicle in a similar price range that fit my needs. I purchased this vehicle and I'm very happy so far. David Brock and Rohan Webster also spoke with us while we were inside the dealership and we're also very knowledgeable about the product. I never felt pressured in any point and overall had a very good experience

 1/22/2019 (5 Stars)
Owen Thomas
Was stranded in Middletown, RI with a damaged tire and had to be back in New York after the holidays. No one had a tire for my Hyundai and wouldn't bother to look at it but these guys helped me get back on the road no issues. Long story short they are super helpful, and great people would strongly suggest getting your service done here.

 12/21/2018 (5 Stars)
Albert Sisson
A steady customer since 2011. Completely satisfied with every scheduled service. Grade: A+

12/02/2018 (5 Stars)
"Fantastic!" - purple lady
David Brock found me the car I really wanted and he has been exceptional. Just love the car. Everything I wanted. Great salesperson you have here.

10/23/2018 (5 Stars)
 "Great service!" - jlaw672
 David was great and helped us a lot! He was very knowledgeable and patient. Whenever we had questions he was there to answer! My experience was very enjoyable!.

09/29/2018 (5 Stars)
Paul Degiovanni
Bill Germano was great, he was very friendly and very knowledgeable about all things Hyundai. They are the only Hyundai dealer in Rhode Island to pick up and supply a loaner car for service.

3/20/2018 (5 Stars)
Stacy Dominqos
Just bought a certified 2017 Santa Fe over the weekend. Great staff! Super friendly and no nonsense! This is my second Hyundai and now I regret that I didn't buy my first one from Hyundai of Newport. You all rock!! Thanks again to my salesman Eddie and everyone else who was involved in my purchase